Stuff That Israel Did

See the Foreign Policy post HERE.

From Munich to the Mabhouh assassination, the secretive Israeli intelligence agency has pulled off some pretty elaborate operations in its time. But lately, Middle Eastern media outlets and politicians have been getting a bit carried away.

Vulture spies, killer sharks, satanic rock shows, Facebook and apparently the underpants bomber. You name it, it was probably caused by Israel. The above link goes through these ones pretty well, it’s really quite funny/scary how many people believe these kinds of things. It did, however, manage to completely overlook that Israel caused the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year – which was a little silly.

Even Wikileaks apparently is in league with the Zionists. You see, as the theory goes, Mr Assange made a secret deal not to embarrass Israel – that’s why all of the cables released just confirm things we already knew and mostly vindicate Israel’s stance on issues. All of the evidence of genocidal plans and war crimes is sitting somewhere on Assange’s hard drive. I mean, it’s not like these guys could have been WRONG about Israel, is it?

Those crazy Israelis, what will they get up to next?

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