Video That Made Me Go Wow

The spec promo commercial centers on a homeless man who is looking to better himself, raising money every which way he can in order to pay for training as a boxer at a local gym. We get glimpses of his life on the streets, his makeshift sleeping accommodations near train tracks, and the various means he uses to make a living-or in this case to graduate to some semblance of a livelihood in the boxing ring.

My friends and I were kind of half-considering entering the Optus 180 competition, where we would need to film a 180 second pilot for a TV show to win the opportunity to film said show. None of us have any experience at all in screenwriting or TV production, but through jokingly brainstorming a few different ideas, we really got a sense of how hard it is to actually come up with something interesting and original, especially given such a limited time frame.

Then a blog post I was reading turned me on to this video. Supposedly, these guys made the video as a pitch to HBO, trying to get hired to produce the TV show that it is a promo for. They didn’t get picked-up by HBO, but they damn well blew me away with it. In such a short space of time and with absolutely no dialogue, they manage to tell a really profound and inspiring story. It shows how a man with everything stacked against him can rise to the challenge and make a better life for himself. And it approaches a cliche message like that in a completely non-cliche way. With this kind of talent, they better be snapped-up by some serious TV producers soon.

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