Fight pirates with lasers! No, for real

But of course, it isn’t quite as cool as you’re picturing. Or at least as I am picturing.


New laser to dazzle pirates on the high seas – tech – 09 January 2011 – New Scientist.

While the effects are not permanent, the light should leave pirates at least wishing they had worn an eyepatch or two: from as far away as 1500 metres the effect of looking at the beam is like accidentally looking at the sun, says Hore.

“Sunglasses wouldn’t help,” he says – in fact, wearing them would only exacerbate the effect. That’s because the glasses would not affect the green laser light – chosen because that colour is particularly irritating – but the laser would appear even brighter contrasted against the darkened background.


What pirates wear sunglasses anyway? Can you see Johnny Depp rocking a pair of Ray Bans with the bandanna and dreads combo? Well sure, but he IS Johnny Depp…

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