BDS movement fabrication

So I’m currently in the UK, for those of you keeping up with my movements, and coincidentally an Australian friend sent me this:

British retailer denies boycotting Israeli cosmetics.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) implied on Friday that the awardwinning British retail giant the John Lewis Partnership – which owns the John Lewis department stores and Waitrose supermarket chains – had stopped stocking products from Israeli cosmetics company Ahava after PSC wrote to the company’s managing director.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on Friday, a spokesman for John Lewis emphatically denied PSC’s claim, stating that while the retailer had stopped stocking Ahava products, it was purely a commercial decision.

John Lewis said it stocks a vast range of Israeli goods, and will continue to do so.

“We can confirm that we continue to stock products sourced from Israel,” the spokesmans said.

I guess their plan is that by claiming credit for this kind of thing, it’ll look like their movement is gaining traction and maybe snowball into something that people actually pay attention to outside of Marrickville.

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