Barak quits, Avoda splits

This isn’t completely out of the blue, but is stil massive news. I’m not sure how to feel about it really.

BBC News – Ehud Barak quits Israel’s Labour to form new party.



Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak says he is resigning as head of the Labour party to form his own faction.

Mr Barak is heading a breakaway group – Independence – which includes four other Labour MPs, reports say.

My predicted results are:

  • Avoda will become a party of the Left again and will shake-off the “Likkud stooges” reputation that it has been getting lately. This may mean they pick up more seats next election, but to Kadima’s detriment.
  • Netanyahu’s coalition will move even further Right, as there will be less voices to argue against Lieberman – Beitenu will have the power to collapse the government if it so chooses. This can only be a bad thing.

Speaking of the esteemed Foreign Minister, for all his flaws, he seems to have a brilliant sense of irony:

Israel’s McCarthy: On the rise or on the ropes? | Top News | Reuters.

“What we have here is a combined effort … to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East … to distort reality, to deter and to demonise Israel…”

That definitely seems to be the case, Mr Lieberman.

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