Stop creaming yourself over Mubarak’s resignation



Egypt celebrates as Mubarak era ends – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Egypt has erupted into a cacophony of celebration on the news that president Hosni Mubarak has bowed to demands that he resign.

…There was jubilation in Cairo’s Tahrir Square seconds after the news broke, while many simply sobbed for joy.

Engineer Sharif Rafat was among the celebrating crowd and says he hopes Egypt takes the place it deserves “among the free nations and the free world”.

“We want Egypt to set an example for all the Arab countries and all the developing countries. We want Egypt to take the place that it deserves proportional to its ancient history,” he said.

So he finally stepped down, big woop!



There’s just one little thing that they seem to be overlooking. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you some hints:

“Citizens, during these very difficult circumstances that Egypt is going through, president Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down as the president of the republic and has entrusted the High Council of the Armed Forces to carry out the dealing of the country,”

Get it yet? Let’s try:



The military says the cabinet will be sacked, the parliament suspended and they will work with the judges of the Supreme Court to amend the constitution to allow for fair and free elections currently scheduled for September.

Read between the lines here. The military has sacked the cabinet and suspended the parliament and they are now “working with” the Supreme Court judges. We don’t know what exactly they are “working” on – “free and fair” can mean a lot of things; to Mubarak at least, “free and fair” elections used to be ones that overwhelmingly returned him to power. That’s fair, right?

See, this here is not a popular uprising forcing democracy; this is a military coup. There is every possibility that after everyone’s cooled-down, some general will take over and Egypt will be back to business as usual – the last 3 dictators in Egypt have all been military men.

There is also a possibility that there will be genuine democratic reforms, but when the military is still in complete control over the country, it’s way too early to start singing hallelujah.


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