Extreme left view on the Middle East


My last post received the following comments on Facebook:

  • SN: But that would involve admitting that they’ve got it all wrong; that Arabs are subjugated not by Israel but by the leaders that the far left have supported, actively or tacitly, for the last 4 decades. And admitting they’re wrong isn’t something they’re known for…

  • XW: I’ll turn my Facebook profile photo to a celebratory green square the day Gaddafi is knifed.
    I wonder how many Trots that supported the Gaddafi-funded second flotilla to Gaza will also cheer his downfall?

I’m still constantly amazed by the extreme left’s ability to actually bypass any sort of logical thought process but still have such strong opinions on everything.


The West are hypocrites for propping-up dictators in the Middle East so that worse dictators don’t take over, especially since the protests are about freedom and democracy, so the Muslim Brotherhood won’t take over. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood are actually really nice people and if they do take over, they’ll be a free and democratic regime and not like the other Islamist revolutions in Afghanistan and Iran.

But the Taliban and the Iranians aren’t really as bad as you think, and really it’s the US and Israel that created the problems in those countries by propping-up the Shah and supporting the resistance to Russia. It was also not the USSR’s fault that Khomenei turned-out to be a brutal theocrat or that they left a huge power vacuum in Afghanistan after 20 years of conflict so that the Taliban could take over, because we don’t criticise left wing regimes, even ones as far gone as the USSR, and let’s face it, we can blame the US.

And George Bush’s policy of pro-democracy initiatives in the Middle East like supporting education and free press was colonialism at its worst, besides the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and his support for Israel, of course. However when the Middle East then rises-up, it’s democracy at its best and Obama is displaying colonialism at its worst by not doing enough to support democracy through initiatives like education and free press.

And when the democratically-elected Iraqi government is sending planes to evacuate its citizens from an unstable Egypt, because they feel safer in Iraq, we need to pull all the remaining troops out of Iraq now so that they can rebuild their country free of colonial influence. This is what they were trying to do a few years ago before that Nazi Bush introduced his “Surge”. [Editor’s note: at the time, they were blowing each other up in massive sectarian violence, killing dozens of people each day].

And of course, when Netanyahu is concerned about who will take over in Egypt because Israelis are worried about maintaining the peace treaty that has prevented war for 32 years, Israel is supporting dictatorship and anti-democracy. But when Israel congratulates the democratic movement in Egypt, they are lying and just angling to oppress the Palestinians more. And when an angry mob tries to beat-up and rape a non-Jewish American reporter screaming “Jew! Jew! Jew!” and when the Muslim Brotherhood call for war with Israel, they’re just kidding really, because they’re nice people after all.

I just can’t understand how they don’t see the holes in that whole theory. Particularly when they win prizes for writing this kind of crap. Paul McGeough, I’m looking at you



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