Human rights abuses? The Taliban? Really? But I thought the US was the evil one?

Christopher Hitchens said it better than I ever could:

Taliban war crimes: Human rights groups finally notice. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine.

Even in a week that concentrated all eyes on the magnificent courage and maturity of the people of Cairo, a report from Kabul began with what must surely be the most jaw-dropping opening paragraph of the year. Under the byline of the excellent Rod Nordland, the New York Times reported:

“International and local human rights groups working in Afghanistan have shifted their focus toward condemning abuses committed by the Taliban insurgents, rather than those attributed to the American military and its allies.”

The story went on to point out that the Taliban was culpable for “more than three-fourths of all civilian casualties” and informed us that some human-rights groups are now so concerned that they are thinking of indicting the Taliban for war crimes. “The activists’ concern,” Nordland went on, “would have been unheard-of a year ago,” when all the outcry was directed at casualties inflicted by NATO contingents.

I encourage all of you to read the whole article. It seems that the turning point was a recent bombing of an up-scale supermarket that killed a high-profile aid worker. It wasn’t even the kidnapping and murder of 8 aid workers last year. Or, you know, the violent reign of terror, applying 7th century morality with the stoning of adulterers, cutting hands off thieves and pouring acid on little schoolgirls’ faces to scare people away from educating women. Or the random roadside bombings and suicide terror.

Or, for that matter, the attempt to systematically exterminate the Shia Hazaras. One would have thought that little things like that would have tipped them off, but apparently glaring evidence is not enough to get through that thick veil of post-colonial guilt.

No, this taps into what I’ve written about Paul McGeough and the rest of the Western hard left. These people have such a warped view of the world that they’ve spent 10 years investigating Western “war crimes” and driving the rules of engagement to become harder and harder and putting our soldiers more and more at risk, while showing nothing but sympathy for the Taliban and their allies, despite the fact that they cause 3/4 of all civilian casualties.

But no, all civilian casualties are naturally America’s fault. After all, who started the war? Right? And don’t say Bin Laden, because you’re wrong! America just wanted an excuse to colonise a backward, dirt-poor, sectarian nightmare of a country with a long history of defeating the toughest armies in the world and no particular influence or importance in global affairs. You know, for their imperialist agenda…


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