Iran tries to make a political point, ends-up looking stupid



This is just stupid. The London 2012 Olympics logo above is supposed to read “2012”, but according to some, the top-left “2” looks like a “z”, the “1” looks like an “i”, the “0” is obviously an “o” and if you tilt your head to the right, the second “2” is kind of like an N.

So by Iranian thinking, the sign is:

z O      rather than    2 0
i Z (sideways N)       1 0

And this is enough to warrant a boycott of the games.

Iran threaten over London Olympics Zion logo | The Jewish Chronicle.

Iran has made an official complaint over the logo for next year’s London Olympic Games, because the design is considered to be a “disgraceful” reminder of the word “Zion”.

In a letter posted on the website of state-backed Iranian Students News Agency, the National Olympic Committee of Iran said that unless a new logo was designed “the presence of some countries in the games, especially Iran” could be called into question.

Back in the cold war, Amrica and the USSR boycotting each other’s Olympics sent a strong message. Both countries had very strong teams and their absence was very much felt.

Iran, on the other hand, won only 2 medals at the 2008 games. Their absence would make very little difference to anything, except to make them look like idiots.

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