Don’t let Japan have a toll on the Middle East too!

In the last week, I have made one or two (tasteless) comments that my workload has been easier thanks to the earthquake in Japan. That said, there is some very real truth in this. Foreign Policy‘s David Rothkopf has gone-through the potential impact on the world focussing on the destruction reaped by nature and not people:

What will the Japanese disaster’s toll be in the Middle East? | David Rothkopf.

Consider that this week that the world debated nuclear reactor safety in Japan while Iran worked silently to develop nuclear weapons capabilities, while Pakistan continued to build its massive arsenal.

What is happening in Japan is extremely important and it warrants the attention of world leaders and it is heartening to see global assistance flowing into the stricken nation. But it does not excuse those leaders from their responsibilities to address other urgent issues elsewhere, and yet one cannot help but feel that many are seeking cover behind these grim stories datelined in Sendai or Iwate Prefecture, an excuse for inaction or worse, for inexcusable actions.

It would be a sad irony if part of the toll of the Japanese quake included thousands more dead in Libya, or the freedom of aspirant millions from the Maghreb to the Gulf. Britain’s David Cameron has said he will seek U.N. action on Libya, a resolution and a threat of a no-fly zone at some point in the future. It’s an admirable ambition but poses the questions: At what point will that be? What will be left of the opposition?


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