Bloody hilarious re. Greens

Joe Hildebrand in The Punch:

Greens war not kosher, says Marrickville mayor | Article | The Punch

SARAH [Hanson-Young]: Speaking of weed that makes you hungry, did anyone bring some food?

CONVENOR: Let me see. We have vegetarian, vegan, vegequarian, freegan, halal and… oh yes, kosher.

FIONA [Byrne]: That’s it, I’m boycotting this meeting.

IMRE [Salusinszky]: I’ll have the last one thanks.

BOB [Brown]: Jesus Fiona, can you knock that off?

FIONA: He’s a dirty Jew too.

BOB: Who? Imre?

FIONA: No, Jesus.

LEE [Rhiannon]: Jesus doesn’t exist.

FIONA: Neither does the state of Israel.

Also brilliant are the comments, particularly from the angry Greens fans.

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