Hizballah World – Fun for the whole family

Fun for all the family

Reports came out last year of a bizarre theme park created by Hizballah, but now some genius from Vice Magazine has photographed it and provided some pretty funny commentary.

I took the liberty of thinking up some rides for their expansion:

  • Beauty and The Bomb – Live On Stage
  • Cinderella’s Crater
  • Honey I Shot The Kids
  • The Many Adventures of Whinnie The Prophet (peace be upon Him)
  • Beirut Lightyear: Space Ranger Spin
  • Slaying Private Ryan
  • Space Madrassa
  • Flaying Nemo – The Musical
  • Harry Potter and the Adulterers Stoned
  • Pirates of the Gulf of Aden
  • Rock ‘N Rollerkatushya – Strring Aerosmith
  • It’s A Shiite World After All(ah)
  • Snow Shiite’s Terrifying Adventures

Click here to see the actual park:



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  1. #1 by raphael k on July 12, 2011 - 6:27 am

    I find your posts too concerned about how Israel is perceived by the general audience. I would strongly recommend you to recover some of your freedom, to dare and think differently, far away from the mainstream PC discourses. Most of the people around you don’t think anyway: they merely react and have “opinions”. In Israel, we care about building our society the best we can given the current parameters. We often succeed, we often fail, but if we were to care too much about what other nations think of us, then what would be the point of being politically independent? Yes, events and discourses taking place in Israel can be either diplomatic assets or liabilities but at the hand of the day, Israel was not created to please anyone else but people who care about rebuilding a full-fledged and independent Jewish society in Erets-Israel. Like it or not.

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