Hilarious reply to Fiona Byrne

So Fiona Byrne was in the Sydney Morning Herald trying to justify herself this morning.

The Punch published this brilliant response from sports writer (yup, sports) Anthony Sharwood:

Eskalating pressure gets council out of a pickle | Article | The Punch.

Despite butchering her run at state parliament, not to mention the credibility of both the Greens and her own council over the Israel boycott, Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne went down swinging in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, with a bizarre, longwinded justification of her council’s right, nay civic duty, to embroil itself in matters beyond garbage collection.

“Being involved in international affairs is part of being connected to your community and through it the broader community of the globe,” she wrote.

This statement is so laughably meaningless and waffly, it barely deserves shooting down. The simplest, straight-from-the-hip rebuttal is to suggest the council might have first targeted a boycott of all things Chinese, given the fact that Marrickville Council raises the Tibetan flag on Tibet’s national day.

Mind you, with the local councillors’ propensity to yum cha at the excellent Hung Cheung restaurant on Marrickville Rd, that might have made life a little uncomfortable.

In her Herald piece, Byrne also cited section 233 of the Local Government Act. It states that one of the roles of council is “to provide leadership and guidance to the community”.

Well, interpreting this to mean that council should involve itself in the affairs of Israel, or any foreign power, is a logic leap of staggeringly audacious proportions.

Council should provide leadership and guidance? Ok, fine. How about a little leadership in fixing the numerous potholes on Illawarra Road. Some of that guidance would come in really handy in handling the delicate issue of the proposed expansion of Marrickville Metro shopping centre too.


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  1. #1 by ninjafase on April 18, 2011 - 3:08 pm

    Boycotting israel isn’t interfering with their affairs (and thereby risking mureder by Mossad agents,) It’s simply saying “I don’t condine or support the conduct of teh group I’m boycotting.” many australians share the view israel’as occupation of palestine and ongoing attempt to wipe Palestine off the map are deplorable.

    You think the jews of all people would know better than to try to exterminate an entire ethnic group. short memories or blatant hypocrasy? who cares. Jews suck. BDS rocks. suck it it, shill.

    • #2 by MK on April 18, 2011 - 4:25 pm

      Ninjafase, you are:

      1) An idiot
      2) A racist
      3) Wrong

      And I don’t think I need to explain myself further because your comment is so moronic that it speaks for itself.

  2. #3 by Dbukes on April 18, 2011 - 7:56 pm

    @ninjaface: Firstly, I think you mean, “ninjaface”. And secondly, wearing a burqa does not make you a ninja – ninjas are way too awesome to be wearing dresses.

    Thirdly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY (I want you to read this part carefully), I would like you to point to a single point in history where extermination of an ethnic group results in soaring population growth. Isn’t the logical result of genocide a decline in population growth? Because you are literally ‘exterminating’ people?

    According to CIA World Factbook, the population growth in the Gaza strip as of 2011 estimates is a WHOPPING 3.201%. Holy Mohammed! are you serious? Did you just say 3.201% population growth??!?! Yes – yes I did. In fact, not only is this an absurd figure, but its also the 7th HIGHEST population growth in the whole god-damn-fucking WORLD. Yes, only 6 places in the world have a higher population growth.

    So how the FUCK can anyone say that Israel – with the greatest airforce in the world, tactical nukes, advanced military and one of the best secret service agencies in the world – is trying to exterminate an entire ethnic group, and how in any way is it comparable to the holocaust, as you so imply.

    So to sum up:

    Ethnic cleansing + soaring population growths = something-not-right-here

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