Stupid Cyclists

Ok, I don’t really care much one way or the other whether they start imposing speed limits on cyclists in San Francisco (although the idea seems kind of silly to me. If this is such an issue, why not just build a dedicated cyclist lane).

But more to the point, what exactly is a “non-profit bike shop”?

So what, he’s selling bikes at an unprofitable margin to encourage people to buy them? Meaning he makes no money and puts all the other bike shops out of business?

Or maybe he does charitable work fixing gears onto fixed-gear bicycles so the idiots who bought them can cycle up and down the massive hills in San Francisco without killing themselves. Yeah that must be it.

In that case, go that guy!

Golden Gate Bridge Speed Limit Plan Angers Cyclists

“Five miles per hour is definitely slower than I would ever go,” said Uri Friedman, a manager at Pedal Revolution, a non-profit bike shop near the hip cafes of San Francisco’s Mission District. “This just kind of penalizes someone who knows how to ride their bike. As it is already, having to navigate through the tourists as you’re trying to get out of town on a ride makes for a potentially frustrating experience.”

EDIT: Google answered my question.

Bicycle Store, Bike Shops, Bicycle Sale | Pedal Revolution Touring Bike Repair – SF San Francisco CA.

Pedal Revolution provides employment and job training for at-risk youth in San Francisco who are taking steps to improve their lives. Pedal Revolution is a social enterprise of New Door Ventures, a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk youth in San Francisco get ready for work and life by providing jobs, job-readiness and supportive community.

I am damn impressed! Mr Friedman gets to run his bike shop, help out some disadvantaged kids and get tax exempt status! That is ingenuity at its finest.

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