Why our kids will never be patient

A little random one here. “John Cheese” from Cracked wrote an article about how our children (as in, the current Gen Y) will grow-up. It’s really strange to think that, having grown-up in the 90s, we have experienced a few things that 21st century kids will never know – like arguing about a fact that you can’t look up, having to share a phone line and an internet connection between a few different people, getting lost and having to ask for directions/struggle with a paper map, miss an episode of your favourite TV show or even use technology to store and transmit data physically – like videotapes, CDs and books.

It’s a scary thought really – our kids will be used to having access to absolutely everything, all the time. Their attention spans will be even shorter and they will need constant stimulation or they will become bored and fidgety – I have already seen this with my 5-year-old cousin, who cannot cope if she is without an electronic game for 5 mins, she hasn’t learned how to amuse herself like children used to have to.

There is definitely some value in having to wait for things and needing to figure them out for yourself, rather than having the answer given to you all the time. Sure, it doesn’t seem like it when you’re actually going through the process, but paying attention for extended periods makes a whole lot of otherwise impossible things possible. I guess we’ll need to figure-out a way around it, maybe it’ll require being those cruel parents who don’t let their kids near the iPad until they have read a book and built a model airplane or something…

6 Things Our Kids Just Plain Won’t Get | Cracked.com.


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