Students with no occupation

What began as “Occupy Wall Street” has been spreading. People are forming occupations around the world to protest against greed and inequality. Sydney has not been spared these outcries, with around 2000 people descending on Martin Place on Saturday but not hanging around for long. Most left by nightfall and most of the remaining 200 went home the next day, leaving just a hardcore group of a few seasoned protesters camping out for the long haul.

These occupiers are not to be scoffed at. They may not look like much, but each individual is a whole committee. Curious, your intrepid blogger decided to take a brief walk through the part of town that these 30-or-so assorted liberal arts majors with no occupation to speak of (at least, not one that pays real money or contributes anything to anyone) and what I discovered may shock you, confuse you, or make you laugh out loud at your desk.

Democracy looks like a pile of crap

I think this one speaks for itself.

Sydney is more dangerous than we think

Apparently we’re ruled by a despotic regime that could fall any moment. Also, something about Wall St.

Sydney is rife with rape, blinding and assholes.

As any self-respecting Daily Telegraph reader will know, there are SHARKS out there. What the Tele didn’t tell us is that they are in cahoots with Marx and the Monopoly guy! Terrifying stuff.

For love nor money

Apparently we have decided to replace hard cash with something a little less tangible.

Ah, but the occupiers have made some astute observations about our currency.

So if love is the new money and you can’t eat money, where does quantitative easing come into it? And can the Reserve Bank print love? This is all rather confusing.

Maybe the next lesson will explain things.

What’s right is right and education is optional

I will admit that a few of these rights surprise me a little. I assumed that these occupiers would be pro universal healthcare, public housing and free education. Apparently, all these things must be earned.

So if education must be sought, then this one saying “Occupy childhood. Birth free. Live free. School free” would, I suppose, be encouraging a “school free” life. This would also imply that it is possible to be enrolled in an arts degree without actually attending an educational institution. Intriguing.

The “school-free” lifestyle would also explain the occupiers’ lack of proficiency in mathematics. Had I not realised this, I would have questioned how 30-odd people constitute “the 99%”.

Apparently, the 99% also has a right to other things – like free wifi, parking spots in the CBD, electricity and other luxuries. This is a movement that I can see myself supporting. All together now!



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