Qantas grounding isn’t all bad

Who isn’t shedding any tears for the downfall of Australia’s number one airline? That’s right, Australia’s number two airline.

That would be Virgin Australia, which is purported to pay their employees less, give them less benefits and even outsource more expensive maintenance work to cheaper Asian countries. Take a look at this email they sent to their frequent fliers:


Virgin Australia is jumping all over the recent suspension of Qantas international and domestic service. To assist this effort we have:

  • Flown in as many goddamn planes as we could find from every corner of the world to snap up all these extra customers.
  • Given extra special deals for all the people Qantas screwed because they’re going to get a refund anyway and we can offer a discount seeing as our margins are so huge since we pay our workers so little.
  • Imported some Asian workers earning less than minimum wage so we can cope with all this free business.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully for more opportunities to cash-in on those morons at Qantas who will be working for us next year for severely reduced pay. Suckers.

Yup, good job unions. You have almost managed to destroy the employer with the most unionised workers and the best employment conditions in your industry. You think those jobs are going to stay in Australia when Qantas gets bought-out by Cathay Pacific?

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