Why the carbon tax will stress us all out

Apparently carbon dioxide’s more radical younger brother, carbon monoxide,* has a calming affect in cities. Ergo, reduce carbon pollution (and unlike CO2, CO is genuinely pollution) and we’ll all be a little more stressed.

Of course, CO is also quite toxic (it’s the gas that kills you when you leave your car running in a confined space) but who cares? We can all relax.
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Calmer? – The Shmooze – Forward.com

Prof. Itzhak Schnell of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Geography and the Human Environment has found that low levels of CO gas can have a narcotic effect on those who inhale it, helping them better deal with the pressures of city living. In particular, he found that the CO helped them cope better with high noise levels in urban settings.


*Yeah, for anyone who has studied chemistry, pun intended. And I’m so sorry…

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