Iran’s amateur assassins could take some tennis tips from Mossad

Now that video footage has been released of the Iranian bombers in Thailand, it is obvious why so many people have been talking about how pathetic their intelligence act has been lately. In Mossad’s mostly successful assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai a couple of years ago, Emerati police released video footage of the Mossad assassins. Yes, it’s bad that they were caught, but this happened well after the plot had worked (i.e. they killed the bad guy) and no one blew their own legs off.

Why is this? Well, check how suave the Israeli agents looked in their disguises:

See? They blend seamlessly into the background, just like all the other pornstars in Dubai shooting a tennis-themed porno. The Iranians did have the dark glasses and the moustaches, but they forgot the tennis gear! Look at this video (should start at 0:10).

See what I mean? Amateurs!

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