Science eh? Q and A tackles climate change without any, you know, scientists

Remember that Mark Latham article about listening to scientists that didn’t ask any scientists what they thought? Well, continuing this trend, for the ‘Climate Debate’ on Q and A tonight, the guests are:

Coming up | Q&A | ABC TV.

  • Rebecca Huntley – social researcher and writer
  • Nick Minchin – Former Liberal Minister
  • Anna Rose – founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition
  • Clive Palmer – mining magnate
  • Dr Megan Clark – Chief Executive of the CSIRO

Megan Clark is the closest thing to a climate scientist there — but she’s a geologist/engineer-turned-businesswoman. She may have scientific credentials, but she is not an expert in atmospheric science. Otherwise, we have a social scientist, a politician, an NGO-worker and a billionaire mining magnate.

I cannot see this happening for any other scientific debate. Try and imagine if they had a show about whether black holes are real, but did not invite a single astro-physicist; or a show about evolution without a single biologist.

As I have argued before, the climate change debate has long-ago ceased to be remotely about science. There is nothing scientific happening here whatsoever.

I’m sick to death of being preached at about “listening to scientists” by people who couldn’t tell you what “GCM” even stands for, let-alone how a GCM is constructed.

But then, “the science is in”, no?

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