Comments Policy

I thought I would add this to clear up confusion as I have had some complaints.

My comments policy is:

  • Most importantly, PLEASE COMMENT. If you have any thoughts at all on anything that I write, I would love to hear them and agree or disagree depending on your stance. I actually prefer reading arguments that challenge my opinions than people who just agree with me, so I welcome anyone who doesn’t agree to tell me why. Note: I will probably argue back.
  • I moderate all commenters, so if this is your first comment it will not appear until I approve it, which may happen anywhere between straight away and a few days, depending on when I look at my blog’s dashboard.
  • I understand that English is not everyone’s first language, so I will allow for some leeway in terms of grammar etc. That said, I very much like the English language and I do not want to subject any of me readers to the kind of comment threads that seem to pervade Youtube. Please write in full sentences and watch basic rules like capitalised letters. I don’t want to see any “u r gey” type comments unless it is deliberate and for comic effect.
  • Please nothing abusive or personally insulting to anyone. Comments on the substance of posts or any other related issue are more than welcome, however ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.
  • By the same token, this is an adult blog and foul language is ok within reason: *FUCK*. See? That said, racial slurs will not be tolerated and neither will inappropriate vulgarity that makes no real point.
  • I reserve the right to edit or disallow any comment for any reason that I deem fit. This is still my blog God dammit!
  • Spam: I know I’m probably wasting my time writing this, but I am sick to death of getting trackbacks to porn, SEO tips and insurance schemes. I am also sick of seeing comments written in broken English saying things like “hello, I very much like your site and will bookmark and come back. you giv very interesting information I would love to share with my friends please visit my website”. WordPress has a great spam filter and I use it, your comment will not get up. Just don’t do it!


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