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One amusing note from NY Mag’s Beinart profile

Linking to the profile by Jason Zengerle of Peter Beinart in this week’s New York MagazineTablet editor Marc Tracy tweeted that: “It is possible that some of the people who follow me on Twitter will wish to read this article.”

This glib understatement more-or-less sums-up what the reaction to this profile will be. As some have noted, Beinart’s views have been all but ignored outside of internal Jewish circles, but the uproar within the global Jewish community has been quite staggering.

I have no doubt that the coming week will bring critiques of the profile and then critiques of those critiques, ad nauseum, so I won’t bother with a full one now (except to note that I love Alana Newhouse and Jeffrey Goldberg, both of whom feature prominently in the article).

Rather, I will point out one small thing that I found a little amusing at the end:

The Israeli Desert.

Obama, perhaps more than any other president, is said to be unusually attuned to intramural debates among American Jews and the precise language they require of one another when they talk about Israel, so it’s almost certain that he was aware of the firestorm surrounding Beinart and the book he had just handed him.

The reason that this is funny? Zengerle mentioned that Obama is “said to be” quite tuned-in to internal Jewish debates, but he did not mention who this is said by. In reality, Beinart himself has been the biggest champion of that particular analysis of the President.

So there you go.

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[Video] Hilarious Peter Berg Israel interview

Peter Berg, director of the new movie ‘Battleships’, was interviewed on Israeli Channel 10 recently.

During the interview, he decided to talk about “more important” things than his movie: like how difficult Bibi and Barak’s decision is on Iran. The highlight is definitely when he starts having a go at the “refusenik” interviewer. Watch it below:

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Major Photoshop Karnage Meme Mashup: Kony on a horse

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Major Cartoon Karnage: The Kony Effect

Click the image to view full size.

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Bloody hilarious re. Greens

Joe Hildebrand in The Punch:

Greens war not kosher, says Marrickville mayor | Article | The Punch

SARAH [Hanson-Young]: Speaking of weed that makes you hungry, did anyone bring some food?

CONVENOR: Let me see. We have vegetarian, vegan, vegequarian, freegan, halal and… oh yes, kosher.

FIONA [Byrne]: That’s it, I’m boycotting this meeting.

IMRE [Salusinszky]: I’ll have the last one thanks.

BOB [Brown]: Jesus Fiona, can you knock that off?

FIONA: He’s a dirty Jew too.

BOB: Who? Imre?

FIONA: No, Jesus.

LEE [Rhiannon]: Jesus doesn’t exist.

FIONA: Neither does the state of Israel.

Also brilliant are the comments, particularly from the angry Greens fans.

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Brilliant sex ed photo

Someecards identified this. Pretty hilarious

Article On Scout Sex Ed Program Features Questionable Photo Choice |

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Gillard holds her own against Jones

Prime Minister Julia Gillard was interviewed on 2GB this morning by Alan Jones and he went above and beyond his regular “shock jock” style. She was 12 minutes late to the interview and he berated her about this pretty aggressively. He continued being disrespectful the whole interview, addressing her as “Julia” or “PM”.

Even with this, Gillard managed to hold her own. She managed to actually shut him up a few times and speak over him, which is no mean feat, not many people can do it.

I encourage you to listen. It’s pretty spectacular.

2GB Media Player – Julia Gillard on the carbon tax.

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